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Most of our skirts have elastic waist so are comfortable

and you can play with them. You can use them, high waist, so that they are miniskirt or you can also wear them to the hip, a little longer.


Our designs are timeless and in limited editions.

We want you to wear the look you love, the one you feel fine with,
because it never goes out of fashion

Designs that will allow you to create your own look

You will get your look, the only one.


From S to XL in most of designs.

If you need a smaller or bigger one, shorter or longer,

¡ask for it and we´ll do our best!

Fly while everyone walks


All garments are designed and handmade in Bilbao,

promoting local economy and avoiding environmental costs and indiscriminate exploitation of resources of large productions.


We use a wide variety of fabrics, prints and finishes from quality suppliers.

Predominating 100% cotton fabrics because they are more pleasant,

more durable, and minimize the risk of allergies.

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